The course aims to provide methodological tools and important technical knowledge that will provide a base for students, so that their projects and their creations are in tune with the vanguard of these new times, increasing its value offer and increasing its differential over competitors.

For whom?

Directed to those who are sensitized by the current environmental challenges and interested in being a part of society progresses, which seeks to contribute to positively impact such issues, untiring engagement by new design practices and anthropological changes of customs with the market.

How is it?

Contemporary society is in a moment of maximum need in the reflection and reorganization of its production and consumption systems, when it finds itself in a model that has already presented numerous proofs of unsustainability and exhaustion, due to its high extractive impact on the natural resources available in the planet .

The market

The consumption of energy, water and food, along with waste generation, the most non-recyclable and harmful to the environment, besides the constant emission of CO2, has never been so great in our history. It has soon become a major problem for future generations, who will face scarcity in diverse natural resources if nothing is done and worked for the present generations.

It is necessary to develop paths that lead to a new economic reality, through concepts such as Circular Economy and Shared Economy. Words like Upcycling are recent in our vocabulary, and are directly aligned with the socio-environmental responsibility that current challenges demand.

The Green Design Course - New Economic Models

The Libero Green Design course works with the practical thinking of Learning Doing. Disciplines of theoretical content are aligned with practical design disciplines. Thus, it allows the student a learning in which the deliveries of projects facilitate the absorption and the understanding of the content.

Partnership with Instituto E

The partnership with Instituto E includes:

  • Formulation and alignment of project briefings;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects under development, with direct presence in the stands to present the results;
  • Formulation and suggestion of additional contents, having participation as teachers in some classes.
  • Opportunities for technical visits that are seen as interesting for learning


  • History of Ecology and Environment
  • New Economic Models (Circular and Shared Economy)
  • Upcycling
  • Sustainable Materials and Processes
  • Case studies
  • Project I
  • Project II

Registration and Registration

The first step to the application process is filling out the intent form. Thus we can know a little more their interests and for the coordinator to know the profile of the candidates.

After sending your letter, wait for our contact with more information and instructions.

Payment conditions

  • Cash discount
  • ** Special conditions for alumni and business partners

* The course may be postponed or canceled if it does not reach the minimum number of students.

Program taught in:
  • Portuguese

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Last updated June 22, 2019
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