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As the highest level of pilot licensure, an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) allows civilian pilots to fly some of the largest aircraft while being the Pilot-in-Command. An ATPL requires that pilots hold a commercial pilot license (CPL), 1500 flight hours, and are able to pass the theory papers.

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Integrated ATPL Pilot Training Program - Madrid

Campus Full-time 18 weeks September 2019 Spain Madrid United Kingdom Oxford USA Phoenix + 4 more

Our Integrated ATPL – Madrid programme lets you train in 3 of our global locations, with ground school in Madrid, Spain, and flight training in Phoenix, USA and Oxford, UK.

Integrated ATPL

Flybyschool: Excellence in Flight Training
Campus Full-time 12 months Open Enrollment Spain León

Airline Focused training from day 1.

Modular ATPL(A) Program

Barcelona Flight School
Campus Full-time Part-time 18 - 24 months September 2019 Spain Barcelona + 1 more

This ATPL program will allow you to obtain an ATPL license step by step, in a modular approach through a series of individual courses and licenses that you can take according to your own schedule and needs. Because you can get credit for previous aeronautical experience that you may have, this program will allow you to tailor your ATPL training to your actual situation, taking advantage of any license you may...

Integrated ATPL(A) Program

Barcelona Flight School
Campus Full-time 55 weeks September 2019 Spain Barcelona

The Integrated ATPL(A) Program is an Airline Transport Pilot course completed with an MCC in an Airbus A320 or Beechcraft King Air B200, addressed to those who are real serious about getting an airline job. This program is an ab-initio course addressed to all those future pilots that wish to obtain a CPL (Commercial Pilot License) with the ME (Multi-engine) and IR (Instrument) ratings, along with the...