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Aviation studies the practical aspects of machine-based flight. Students of this subject may study airplane design, flight test protocols or other aspects of heavier-than-air aircraft. Later jobs in this field include airline pilot, aircraft engineer and safety inspector.

The people, language, and culture of the Netherlands is referred to as "Dutch". A modern European country today, Netherlands preserved its highly international character and is known for its liberal mentality. The Netherlands has many universities. The country has recently converted their own titles into the bachelor/master system. There are two types of universities: Academic (focussing more on theoretical knowledge, aka "Universiteit") or Applied Sciences (focussing more on practical knowledge, aka "Hogeschool")

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Online Course: Air Safety Investigation

TU Delft Open & Online Education
Online Part-time 6 weeks September 2019 Netherlands Netherlands Online

In this course, we will explore the challenges faced by investigators when trying to piece together the probable sequence of events. We will familiarize you with the investigative ways of thinking and forming of conclusions. In fact, you'll learn to think and act as an air safety investigator.

Flight Instructor Course (FI)

Martinair Flight Academy
Campus Full-time Part-time 6 - 12 months September 2019 Netherlands Lelystad + 1 more

The training for flight instructor (Flight Instructor = FI) as well as the training for instrument flying instructor (Instrument Rating Instructor = IRI and Multi Engine Instructor = MEI) are specialised trainings.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL Integrated)

Martinair Flight Academy
Campus Full-time 23 - 24 months September 2019 Netherlands Lelystad

With the integrated training course you will obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi engine, Instrument rating and a frozen ATPL.

Private Pilot License Course (PPL)

Martinair Flight Academy
Campus Part-time 12 - 16 months September 2019 Netherlands Lelystad

The PPL (Private Pilot Licence) is an EASA License, with which almost all small airplanes may be flown under VFR, without the restriction of European borders. Once you have you PPL licence you can obtain more ratings for Multi Engine Piston or an Instrument Rating. Selection & Medical Acceptance: There are no pre-selection criteria to obtain your PPL, except the minimum age of 17. Before you start your PPL Course it is important to have your Medical Class 2. Issues as: conditions of sight, color blindness, hearing test and a general health examination, will be checked. Once you have your PPL Licence, it will gives you the privilege to fly VFR. The theoretical PPL course will be obtained through E-learning. This means Computer Based Training in English. The theoretical exams, explained below, will be held at the Belgium CAA.

Type Rating Boeing 737

AIS Flight Academy
Campus Full-time September 2019 Netherlands Netherlands Online

AIS Flight Academy has developed a Type Rating B737 training programme which contains computer baised training (CBT), cockpit procedure training as well as practical training sessions in the full motion simulator.

Commercial Pilot Training

AIS Flight Academy
Campus Full-time 22 months September 2019 Netherlands Netherlands Online

The training to become a commercial pilot is a fulltime study and is completed in approximately 22 months.