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Urban development refers to the economic, social and environmental aspects related to the role of urban design. Common areas of study are planning and urban development, history and theory of urban development, and urban landscape and heritage.

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Short Course: Sustainable Cities

Sustainability Institute
Campus Full-time 6 days August 2019 South Africa Stellenbosch

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the spectacular transformation of the world as it crosses the threshold of becoming a majority urban world for the first time in human history. The module delves into the differential dynamics of worldwide urbanisation, with particular reference to the global South. It demonstrates that these large-scale shifts in human movement, economic development, and expansion of the built environment hold deeply troubling implications for sustainability.

Developing Social Housing Projects (DSHP)

IHS, Institute For Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam
Campus Part-time 3 weeks November 2019 Netherlands Rotterdam

Rationale of the Training Course - Developing Social Housing Projects: One of the characteristics of developing countries is fast-growing cities and the lack of affordable and adequate housing. Social housing policies try ...

Transitions to Land-based Financing - Executive Course

IHS, Institute For Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam
Campus Part-time 1 - 2 weeks Request Info Netherlands Rotterdam

Land-based financing is increasingly recognised as an important way for cities to attract resources to fund their public, social and environmental goods. The course draws on lessons learned from international experiences and innovations from around the world, including from the host country.

Course: Berkeley College of Environment Design Global Access Program

UC Berkeley Extension
Campus Full-time 1 semester August 2019 USA Berkeley

The Berkeley College of Environmental Design's Global Access Program (CED-GAP) provides unique access to top-notch Berkeley faculty, courses and networks within the innovation ecosystem of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Through CED-GAP, qualifying international students to gain the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to excel as innovators and thought leaders in the fields that encompass sustainable environmental design.