If you plan to study in Denmark for more than three months, you will need either a registration certificate or a residence permit:

1) EU/EEA citizens will need a registration certificate, and Swiss nationals will have to apply for a residence card.
2) Non-EU/EEA citizens will have to apply for a Danish residence permit prior to arriving in Denmark. This permit is called ST1 (residence and work permit for exchange students from non-EU/EEA/Nordic countries).

In order to apply for a student visa (residence permit) to Denmark, you need to be admitted to a higher educational program in Denmark, which is approved by a state authority or offered by a publicly accredited educational institution. 

You will need to submit in person your ST1 application at the nearest Danish diplomatic mission. The reason you need to appear in person is so that you can have your biometric features recorded (digital facial image and fingerprints). Your biometric features are a requirement for the resident permit. You will most likely need to book an appointment. 

You will need to provide a list of documents, among others an acceptance letter from your university, language proficiency proof (usually English), travel insurance, proof of minimum funds (around 1000 EUR/month), and detailed information regarding your study program. You can find more detailed information here:

The best time to start applying for your residence permit to Denmark is three months prior to your arrival date. It takes, on average, about 60 days for the application to be processed.

The duration of your student residence permit depends on whether you are going to complete an entire education program, or only follow part of a program as a guest student. If it is to be an entire program, then you will be granted a residence permit for the duration of that program. However, if you are only enrolled to follow a part of a program, the residence permit will be granted for a maximum of two years.

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