Summer Courses in Arabic Studies in Ramat Gan Israel

Summer courses are often an avenue used by students to attain additional certificates or qualifications outside of the normal school year. Whether they are bridging the gap between levels of study or adding to a career knowledge base, these courses can be found in almost any area of study.

Arabic studies can consist of any combination of academic areas, such as culture, geography, politics, history. Programs might also center on any other aspect as it relates to Arabic countries and the people who reside in or originate from them.

Israel has 8 universities and is academically supervised by the Council for Higher Education in Israel. The country is among the countries, which have the high rate of university enrollment in the world. They have a friendly student’s relationship not only to the local students but also to international students.

Top Summer course in Arabic Studies in Ramat Gan in Israel

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Arabic Culture & Language Course

Summer courses
3 weeks

Learn spoken Arabic and learn about local customs, culture, and language – an enriching opportunity.

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