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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 2 Associate Degrees Programs in Environmental Management 2023

2 Associate Degree Programs in Environmental Management 2023


An associate degree might serve different purposes for different students. Some use this format to begin an academic career, while others might use it to provide context for a professional certificate or accreditation.

What is an associate degree in environmental management? This term most commonly refers to a program focused on the management of a working environment. Common courses typically include regulatory compliance, sampling techniques and environmental science. The second sense of the term is related to programs such as forestry and environmental science. Associate degrees also tend to require students to complete general education requirements by investigating topics such as mathematics, writing composition and the humanities. Students should expect to invest somewhere between one and three years in order to complete one of these programs.

Graduates of these programs often leave with a broad knowledge of many subjects due to the general education requirements, leading to better decision-making and critical thinking. Students might also be prepared to pass industry certification tests. Additionally, degree programs tend to challenge and develop organizational skills applicable in all areas of life.

The range of courses available leads to significant variation in tuition. Check with each institution before settling on an environmental management degree program.

Many students who pursue these courses are considering careers as environmental managers or engineers. These individuals are responsible for many different duties depending on their specialization. An environmental site manager might work with a company that decommissions facilities while maintaining compliance with environmental standards. Common duties include on-site coordination of engineering teams, management of subcontractors, document processing and equipment maintenance. An entry-level environmental manager might take an assistant's position with a facility management company. This position is typically responsible for visiting sites, maintaining equipment and performing environmental tests.

Success in environmental management often requires academic study. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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