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15 Associate of Science Programs in Administration Studies 2024



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Associate of Science Programs in Administration Studies

An Associate of Science is a degree that is available in both community colleges and vocational schools. The standard time frame to complete this course of study is approximately two years. It is often used as a precursor to further education, such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

What is an Associate of Science in Administration? An Associate of Science in Administration is a degree program that gives the student a broad range of instruction in courses related to business. Courses that are associated with most curriculums include computer software, business management, finance, personnel management, sales, marketing, and advertising, among other offerings. Lectures on the theories and practices of business administration should be expected, as well as specific instruction in widely used computer software and hardware in an office environment.

Many students in these programs will benefit from professional-level leadership and team management training for use in successful careers. Business classes also help individuals make positive personal finance decisions for healthy long-term economic stability.

Registration fees and tuition will vary depending on which college or vocational school you choose to attend. Address any questions you may have about costs via communications with administrative officials of individual institutions.

Careers in business administration are some of the most prevalent around the globe. Receiving an Associate of Science in Administration assists students to begin a career in such positions as administrative assistants, business managers, marketing specialists, sales associates and managers, and others in the corporate environment. Additional education such as bachelor’s degrees or MBAs can offer higher-level opportunities that are typically quite lucrative.

Due to the popularity of jobs in the business world, these programs are available internationally in a variety of colleges and vocational schools. Choose what path is right for you, and search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.