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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 21 Associates of Science  (Associate of Science) Programs in Chemistry 2023

21 Associate of Science Programs in Chemistry 2023


An Associate of Science has a number of purposes. It can provide additional qualifications for a current professional, it can help bridge the gap between different academic phases, or it can give students enough knowledge to find an entry-level job in their field of study.

What is an Associate of Science in Chemistry? This program provides students with a solid foundation in chemistry and physical science so that they can either be admitted to a bachelor’s program or find employment in chemistry-related areas. Most programs will cover classes such as inorganic, organic, and biochemistry, and some programs will also focus on courses such as calculus and physics, that prepare students for pre-professional or pre-engineering programs. Most programs have laboratory study, as well as classroom study.

Chemistry is a challenging field, and students who receive their associate’s degree are sometimes more prepared for advanced chemistry courses. Laboratory experience also better prepares students for completing experiments in the real world.

The costs associated with earning this degree can vary quite a bit from one place to another. Factors that affect cost include the reputation of the school and the length of the program. Once students have narrowed down their choices, it is best to contact the schools directly to find out what the financial obligations would be.

Students who graduate with an associate’s degree in chemistry can often find work as chemistry laboratory technicians. With advanced degrees, students may find careers as biochemists, materials scientists, production chemists, research chemists, and chemistry teachers or professors. With an associate’s degree, students also have the chemistry background necessary for entering into a health professional or engineering program.

It is never too soon to start researching schools for a chemistry degree. Starting now, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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