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25 Associate of Science Programs in Design Studies 2024



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Associate of Science Programs in Design Studies

An associate’s degree is the lowest degree that can be obtained at university or college. It is higher than a certificate and lower than a bachelor’s degree.

What is an Associate of Science in Design? Typically, this degree includes the study of modern graphic arts. In addition to learning advanced design software, courses may cover basic artistic topics such as principles of design, colors and typography. Programs may also include creating 3-D graphics and illustrations. This degree is recommended for students seeking to improve design skills for their career or who want to develop their skills to obtain a higher degree.

Having an Associate of Science in Design can open career opportunities in multiple fields such as architecture, marketing and the visual arts. An associate’s degree in design may also qualify you for a higher salary in your field.

Each school has a unique tuition and fee schedule that may vary by location. Such information is usually made available on their website and can help you determine the exact cost of a program.

This associate’s degree program is best suited for students who are entering the workforce or who want to become better designers in their industry. Designers are essential in every industry and often serve as key players for marketing and advertising agencies, application and video game developers and motor vehicle manufacturers. Many degree holders go on to have successful careers as independent contractors or freelancers. Alternatively, corporate companies use the skills of designers to assist them in branding strategies such as logos and ad creations. An associate’s degree in design is also helpful for those who are pursuing a career in architecture through drafting plans and designs for buildings and homes.

A college degree can be obtained in a variety of ways. Many schools offer a combination of classroom and online credits, making college education realistic as a full or part-time student.  Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.