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Certificate Programs in Design Studies

Many colleges and universities offer professional certificates. These are primarily used for individuals seeking to gain a leg up in their current job, or who wish to use the certificate to gain future employment. While the length of study will vary depending on the field of study, most of these programs can be completed within a year or less.

What is a Certificate in Design Studies? This program primarily focuses on interior design, visual arts and graphic design. Students can learn key techniques of visual expression, including components in painting, printmaking, photography, drawing, principles of design and three-dimensional studies. The certificate is designed to give graduates a chance to learn new skills which will benefit them in the visual arts industry or improve upon existing skills. Some of the courses offered might include history, interior decorating, ceramics, sculpture, space planning, materials and decorative arts.

One of the primary benefits of earning a professional certificate is that it can make some candidates more qualified for jobs in the design industry. Some companies may also offer a better wage for those who are professionally certified. For those who are interested in continuing on to a more advanced degree level, it can also pave the path to higher education.

Each program varies in duration and tuition fees depending on the institution, field of study and the country the school is located in. Prospective students should contact the office of admissions directly to learn more about the program and the associated course costs.

Many jobs in the design industry are highly competitive, but graduates of the program may find themselves in demand for a variety of institutions, ranging from both small and large enterprises. They can emerge from the program with a stronger appreciation of cultural values and the visual arts, and a solid foundation in the design industry. Many individuals become an interior decorator or graphic designer, though with further education a career in art education can be pursued.

Many institutions offer distance learning modules and online classes, as well as part-time and full-time courses. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.