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芦屋大学is located in Rokurokuso, the most luxurious residential area in Japan, "Ashiya Rokurokuso", and has an excellent educational environment surrounded by abundant greenery and nature. From the campus with various facilities, you can overlook the beautiful cityscape of Ashiya and along Osaka Bay from Kobe to Wakayama.

In such a perfect environment, our university has a founding spirit of "living in a vocation for each person", and aims to develop human resources who can contribute to society, and provides intensive guidance and education that makes use of the features of the small group system. I am doing it.

芦屋大学is a place to pursue both dreams and hopes. We will thoroughly support each and every student who works hard to realize their dreams.


  • Ashiya

    13-22 Rokurokusocho, Ashiya, Hyogo 659-8511, Japan, , Ashiya