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Aquincum Institute of Technology

Aquincum Institute of Technology

Aquincum Institute of Technology


Aquincum Institute of Technology provides a unique English language study abroad experience for North American undergraduates majoring in computer science, software engineering, and related disciplines.

Hungary has a proud tradition of creativity in computing: John von Neumann, who developed the principles of stored-program digital computers, Andy Grove, long-time leader of Intel, and Charles Simonyi, father of Microsoft Office, all got their start in the schools of Budapest.

Following in this tradition of innovative education, AIT brings together globally acclaimed scholars, designers, and entrepreneurs to provide an inspiring academic program with small classes (10 to 20 students in a typical class) that emphasize interactivity and creativity. In order to maintain the high quality of instruction and to give each student the attention they deserve, AIT admits no more than 100 students in any semester.


  • Budapest

    Záhony u. 7., Budapest 1031, , Budapest