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Institute For Asia Strategy And Knowledge (I-ASK) Commercial Due Diligence in Asia
Institute For Asia Strategy And Knowledge (I-ASK)

Commercial Due Diligence in Asia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2 Days

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Jan 2025

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Commercial Due Diligence in Asia

Course Overview

In this two-day seminar you will work with one of the world's foremost strategic thinkers to build your Commercial Due Diligence skills and add real value to your company's expansion plans by minimizing the risk of investment failure. The course focuses on a structured approach to help you assessing a target company's current and projected business performance through detailed investigation of market and competitive environment.

Why shall you attend?

Growth via Mergers & Acquisitions in Asia can be a very risky step to undertake. Carrying out proper Commercial Due Diligence in Asia is one of the most effective ways to reduce that risk and to improve your chances of a successful transaction. If your company wants to grow either by M&A, you will need to thoroughly understand that company's current and projected performance. This two-day seminar trains you on the newest methodologies to conduct Commercial Due Diligences on potential M&A targets to avoid any unwanted surprises and draw a transparent and sound picture of your target company's commercial performance.

Do you want to

  • Understand the importance of conducting a Commercial Due Diligence in Asia in addition to other due diligence disciplines?
  • Find out all the essentials about your potential acquisition target before your investment?
  • Get a comprehensive picture of your potential acquisition target's commercial performance?
  • Project the future development of your potential acquisition target by examining its business model, industry and market environment as well we market position?
  • Master the practical aspects of Commercial Due Diligence?
  • Recognize the importance of an integration, how to avoid common pitfalls and subsequent failure of acquisitions?
  • Identify and quantify potential problems and liabilities?
  • Understand potential problems with cross boarder Commercial Due Diligence and create strategies to deal with these?

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