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JMC Academy Diploma of Entertainment Business Management
JMC Academy

Diploma of Entertainment Business Management

7 Months


Full time

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Sep 2024

USD 26,400 *


* per trimester for international students | $9,000 per trimester for domestic students


Do you dream of producing the ultimate gig, the crowd screaming for more, knowing that it’s because you dreamt it, designed, managed it, and promoted it? From talent management to digital marketing, social media strategy, event planning, production, publishing, and distribution – Entertainment Business Management is about being an expert at what goes on behind the scenes.

JMC will provide you with the highly transferable cutting-edge business and management skills you need to make it in this highly competitive and rapidly expanding industry. Meet the people who matter, get real-world experience in stage and production management, music publishing, talent management, and event management, and gain an innate understanding of the entertainment industry and how to manage it.

To succeed as a creative industry manager you need a fundamental understanding of the entertainment business. This Diploma will give you the background to the industry, and provide a core understanding of business practices and the challenges faced when commercializing music, entertainment, and the arts.

It will help you develop your communication skills for marketing plans, briefs, proposals, ad copy, and media releases, and gain the hands-on experience you will need in negotiating, copyright, intellectual property, licensing, and the legalities of the industry.


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