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Kotarbinski University of Information Technology and Management in Olsztyn Diploma in Information Technology for foreigners (the English programme)
Kotarbinski University of Information Technology and Management in Olsztyn

Diploma in Information Technology for foreigners (the English programme)

Olsztyn, Poland

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Oct 2023

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The graduate in engineering studies at Information Technology gains both practical and theoretical knowledge of the field. The graduate is capable of solving problems that involve the implementation of modern scientific methods. He knows the rules of the organization and the functioning of software and hardware computer systems. Due to a considerable amount of laboratory and project-oriented classes, the graduate is well prepared to apply for posts having in their scope design, creating, maintenance, or distribution of information systems and tools. In particular, these could be home and foreign enterprises that deal with design, production, trade, and service activities.

The students of Information Technology can choose between Web Services and Applications and Computer Network Administration.

Graduates in Web Services and Applications are prepared to design and build websites, administer website servers and Internet databases, and implement and administer Internet services. They can design information systems and implement them to be used in specific conditions.

Graduates in Computer Network Administration can design computer networks, configure basic network devices, and administer servers and computer networks. They use appropriate tools to perform administrative tasks. They are capable of analyzing risk and taking appropriate preventive measures.

Education in Information Technology is a dynamic process. Its changeability is conditioned, above all, by the needs of our students and the needs of the environment. For this reason, the syllabuses and the learning content have been shaped by the opinion of the representatives of our students and employers.

Consequently, some important changes have been introduced to the study program, such as improving the correlation between subjects, increasing the number of laboratory classes, especially within specialization subjects, and strengthening the leading subjects in each specialization. The study program provides for 20 hours of compensatory course in mathematics.

An important aspect of education is to enable students to choose from a large selection of subjects and create their own educational paths in keeping with their individual interests and professional needs. Apart from specialization and diploma seminar, the student can also choose among some general education subjects, including a foreign language course.

The study program lasts 7 semesters. The program is realized in two modes: full- time (Monday to Friday) and part-time ( Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays)

The graduates have conferred the title of engineer.

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