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London Business Training & Consulting Operations Management Essentials
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Operations Management Essentials

London, United Kingdom

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This course details the key role and contribution of the Operations Management function to the organization and introduces the crucial elements of effective resource management and alignment of people, systems and process to deliver the Organization’s operational strategy. It examines the critical role of quality outputs from the Operations Management function and how this impacts upon both internal and external customer outcomes.

The course expands to explore effective risk management techniques and concludes with establishing effective Operational Control Systems to ensure the function delivers in line with its stated objectives. It will introduce delegates to the key concepts of: System Capacity, Building Operational efficiencies to both increase capacity using existing resources and optimize cost of operations, and concludes with very techniques to “flex” Operational resources in times of change.

The course will wrap with a summary of the key learning points, followed by an action planning exercise with a view to apply the acquired knowledge and skills immediately upon your return to work. Post-course support is also available in relation to the implementation of your action plan, up to six (6) months following course completion.


Role and Function of Operations Management

Effective Resource Planning

Aligning People, Systems & Process

Assessing Operational Performance

Ensuring Quality delivery within Operations Management

Identifying, assessing and mitigating Operational risks

Establishing effective Operational Controls

Managing Change within Operations

Building process capacity

Building Operational Efficiency

Adjusting resources to adapt to change

Operations Management Information Systems

Overview of Management Information Systems

Creating appropriate levels of Management Information (MI)

Disseminating MI to support operational decision-making & continuous improvement

Course Review

Summary and recap of key learning objectives

Action Planning

Target Audience

This course is suitable for:

  • Heads of function
  • Operations Managers
  • Operations Supervisors

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the key elements of effective Operations Management.
  • Apply a range of resource management techniques, and adjust resources in line with changing operating environments.
  • Apply effective risk management to Operational situations.
  • Implement an Action Plan at your workplace using the knowledge and skills acquired through the course.

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