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Monterey Peninsula College AA in GENDER AND WOMEN'S STUDIES
Monterey Peninsula College


Monterey, USA

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Sep 2023

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The Gender and Women’s Studies Department at Monterey Peninsula College is committed to studying diverse identities of gender. Our students take courses that investigate common assumptions about gender and the political, cultural, institutional, and economic impacts of gender in the lives of women, men, and gender-queer people. Students learn how to apply critical and interdisciplinary methods highlighting the racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and sexual diversity of gender experience. Students who take Gender and Women’s Studies courses can satisfy General Education requirements. They have the option of earning an AA (Associates of the Arts) degree in this exciting contemporary field.

Many students take courses in Gender and Women’s Studies because they are interested in learning more about diversity and gender in society and culture. People of all genders take Gender and Women’s Studies courses because they want to study topics that are personally meaningful to them and intellectually engaging. Students also enroll in our courses because they recognize the value that employers place on a broad liberal arts education and are interested in the excellent preparation for four-year institutions that a major in Gender and Women’s Studies offers students.

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