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Paris College Of Music THE JUNIOR PROGRAM - instrumental course
Paris College Of Music

THE JUNIOR PROGRAM - instrumental course

Île-de-France, France

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Sep 2023

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For young people in music, the IMEP teaching staff offers 30 years of experience in music education at young apprentices' service. The instruments offered are guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, saxophone, flute, violin, voice, trumpet, trombone, cello. To promote group/social development, our pedagogical approach puts students in age groups:

AGE 9 TO 13:

The professors help children enter the world of music with a simple, fun, and structured method. Our pedagogy's main axes are knowledge of the instrument, the development of the melodic sense, the ear, and "time." The repertoire addressed is quite varied to develop the child's taste for all types of music: music in movies, rock, reggae, folk, and blues, as well as jazz and classical. Improvisation is addressed right from the first few weeks: constructing complete pieces with your professor and playing them in concert. Solfege is introduced progressively: reading is a tool, not an end in itself. The musical training course has been designed to: allow for better progression while remaining pleasant. Students will discover all musical cultures in the FM (musical training) and develop their sense of tempo and ear through progressive exercises.

AGE 13 TO 18:

The professors help you learn the music style that interests you the most and broadens your musical culture by discovering others. Our pedagogical approach retains the same fundamentals but takes into account the needs of adolescence. Developing one's musical personality, opening oneself to the world, and gaining self-confidence are among the milestones leading to the adult world.

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