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Quality Fly Aviation Academy EASA Integrated ATPL Flight Training Course
Quality Fly Aviation Academy

EASA Integrated ATPL Flight Training Course

Madrid, Spain

20 Months


Full time

Request application deadline

03 Jun 2024

EUR 69,750 / per course *


* limited time offer. Regular list price: € 74,350


Commercial Airline Pilot Licence Training in Madrid · Spain

Learn about the most complete EASA ATPL Integrated training course, enabling you to:

  • Become a commercial airline pilot in 20 months.
  • Make the most out of the Most Innovative Training Programme.
  • Perfect your technique thanks to our APS MCC including Full Flight Simulator practice and Gliding Training
  • Keep your budget and your investment under control with an All-Inclusive pricing approach.

Quality Fly Flight Academy's Indicators

Our high customer satisfaction is directly linked to the successful first-time examination pass on official EASA exams both on theoretical and flight training.

To achieve these great results, Quality Fly spares no expense or effort to select an outstanding team of specialized teachers per subject and flight instructors cumulating in more than 150,000 hours of flight experience.


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Quality Fly Promotes Diversity

Why the EASA License?

The most recognized License by Civil Aviation Authorities throughout the world. Thanks to its higher standards
compared to the FAA License and more reliable student tracking records, Aviation Authorities tend to prefer to hire EASA license holders.

FAA requires a mínimum 1500 flight hours to work as First Officer in an Airline in many countries, such as the US. However, EASA holders have no limitation to fly as First Officers in any Airline after the completion of the ATPL Integrated course, with a minimum of a total 205 hours.

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