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Roffey Park Institute Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Learning
Roffey Park Institute

Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Learning

Horsham, United Kingdom

15 Months


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Organisations must learn more now than ever before in order to overcome and respond to the challenges faced by increasing competition, digitisation, hybrid working and alternative models of work as well as shifts in consumer demands. Learning organisations are built from employees adept at creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge. This results in organisations that cultivate tolerance, encourage open dialogue and think holistically and systemically. As organisations adopt and change to reflect both post-pandemic and technology-driven work practices, how organisations think about learning will be central to talent strategy and sustainability.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Learning takes a system-level perspective on a learning organisation. The Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Learning is designed to support you in exploring relevant organisational and leadership questions relating to change and transformation. This course will enable you to understand the fundamental principles, challenges and opportunities of organisational learning from applied and theoretical perspectives. You will be designing your lens through research questions and an approach to data collection that will help you and other practitioners gain a deeper understanding of organisational dynamics and variables, whether they relate to people or processes. Throughout the programme, you will discover concepts and think about how these relate to your context. The focus of development in this programme is on your skills and behaviour around the subject of organisational learning so that you can create impact and sustainable positive change within your own context.

We are an associate partner of the University of Sussex who act as validating authority for our Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Learning.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Learning is available as a virtual programme initially.

You will walk away with

  1. A postgraduate diploma in organisational learning, an internationally recognised qualification, which will boost your impact and career as a leader and/or manager
  2. A greater understanding of how to create and implement strategies for a learning organisation
  3. The ability to develop programmes using advanced learning and facilitation techniques
  4. Greater connection with a network of learning and development senior leaders

Why choose Roffey Park Academy?

We have been a pioneer of adult learning for the last 75 years and the only executive education institute that focuses on creating impact for both learners and their organisations.

Our faculty team are experienced professionals with expertise across private, public and not-for-profit sectors. They have international experience in working with clients in the field of organisational development, leadership, management and HR.

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