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Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna IACH - Innovaction in Health Care: Strategy, Performance and Data Management
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

IACH - Innovaction in Health Care: Strategy, Performance and Data Management

Pisa, Italy

5 Days


Full time

19 Jan 2025

10 Mar 2025

EUR 200 *


* from EUR 200 to EUR 1000 according to the applicant's annual income


The Seasonal School beckons to passionate students eager to delve into the intricate realm of healthcare systems from a unique three-dimensional perspective: organization, stakeholders, and innovative managerial strategies. Our goal is to empower the healthcare system, propelling it towards greater quality, equity, and sustainability.
Dive into a program centred on the dynamic management and innovation of the healthcare sector, offering a hands-on approach through the analysis and interpretation of quantitative data. Picture yourself immersed in captivating case studies and simulations, unravelling the complexities of the healthcare landscape.

This course doesn't just explore cutting-edge topics in the information and data era - it's a journey into the innovative and transformative power of data and managerial practices in the healthcare sector. As we navigate the societal shifts brought about by the pandemic, we dissect the innovation of settings, care pathways, and the resilience of healthcare and social healthcare services. We also delve into the fascinating realm of behavioural economics, providing a holistic view of the evolving healthcare landscape.

Teaching Methodologies

With IACH, students will find an immersive, interactive, and interdisciplinary learning environment with our cutting-edge methodologies that bring education to life! Collaborative and participative techniques will turn students into active participants, seamlessly blending theoretical concepts with hands-on experiences. The journey involves constant interaction with real-world communities, ensuring a dynamic and engaging learning process.

Diving into experiential techniques, action-reflection phases, and workshops, participants will not only solidify in terms of knowledge but will also enhance self-awareness and ignite a genuine passion for the topics explored.


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