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Universidad Rey Juan Carlos University Extension Course in Business Management and Marketing
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

University Extension Course in Business Management and Marketing

210 Hours

Spanish, English

Full time

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EUR 3,100 *


* price for non-resident non-community students is just approximate since then each academic rate is different.


The University Extension Course in Business Management and Marketing is intricately structured to empower participants in achieving the following objectives, recognizing that within contemporary enterprises, the Sales department serves as the propellant dictating their pace. The caliber and triumph of a company's pivotal attainments and future trajectories stand intricately interlinked with the excellence permeating its operations and choices.

  • Acquire and/or improve their diagnostic capabilities
  • Analyze the elements that limit the growth of your current products and markets and those that can drive future sales.
  • Develop the competitive advantages of the company and choose the most advantageous product policies, promotions, prices, and distribution channels.

The practical result is specified in the preparation, presentation, and defense, individual or group by the participants, of the project or marketing plan of a company.


The main objectives of the course are:

  • Learn about the latest strategic marketing models to increase both the customer portfolio and existing accounts.
  • Analyze the factors that promote the growth of products and services of companies, their promotional tools, location of strategic markets, price elaboration and analysis of distribution channels.
  • Learn how to increase the company's ability to diagnose the market. Develop the analytical and management skills demanded by the changing national and international markets.
  • Decide the best marketing strategies to apply them effectively according to different market situations.
  • Understand the conduct and behavior of consumers and clients after an investigation process, thus allowing them to reduce risk in decision-making.



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